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Musical Performer

No matter your children is an extrovert, or very shy of expressing themselves, musical performers has the ability to bring out the best in children. Through singing & acting, it increases their self-esteem and confidence, overcome insecurities and make many new friends that share the same interest etc. Spreading positive influences, passion and music enthusiasm with their naivety.  

Age: 4-6

Lesson Amount: 12 lessons (1 hour vocal lesson/ 1 hour drama lesson) 

Language: Cantonese & English


Listen to the little storyteller

Other then reading a selection of award-winning story books with children, broadening the children's cultural vision, this course enhances the artistic aesthetic vision of children. In addition, enhance the children's concentration, thinking ability ​and giving children’s positive values which absolutely benefit the children for a lifetime. Children can use their own ways to interpret each story in order to become a storyteller!

Age: 2-4 / 4-6 

Lesson Amount: 12 lessons (1 hour/lesson) 

Language: Cantonese


Little Green Music

The program offers two levels of year-round learning which addresses the need of children from different age groups. Through the repertoires especially written for the program ; meaningful fun-filled activities, important values will be instilled into them.    

- Little Green Toodlers (Child & parent class) Age: 1.5-2.5  

-Little Green Explorers Age: 2.5-3.5

Lesson Amount: 12 lessons (45mins/lesson) 

Language: English

*Students who enroll for the first time will receive a set of songbook and recordings.


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