Miss Ella

Piano, Vocal, Ukulele, Theory

Miss Ella graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in Sound Design and Music Recording. She had received the ATCL as well as the AMusTCL from Trinity College of London. Ella had studied children music psychology and music therapy. She had also attended film music courses at Beijing Film Academy. In 2006, she furthered her studies in Sound Design in Los Angeles under Sidney Fox, the Audio Engineer of Disneyland California. Coming from a musical family, Miss Ella started receiving piano and vocal training at the age of three. She had also learned to play the keyboard, bass guitar, dizi and clarinet. Ella has "absolute pitch".


Miss Alice

Piano, Violin, Theory


Alice Wong, a Hong Kong based pianist, piano accompanist, and violinist. Wong earned her Master of Music degree in Classical Piano Performance, in the Manhattan School of Music, NYC, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, in the University of Washington, Seattle.  As a teacher, Wong has more than 8 years of teaching experience in private and group setting. She worked as a music teacher in the Yew Chung Arts and Language Centre, piano teacher in the Riverbank State Park (NYC), teaching assistant for the Summer English Studies in the Manhattan School of Music (NYC) and others. With a variety of teaching experience in different settings and age groups, enhanced her ability of providing a harmonious learning environment and understanding of students’ needs.


Miss Tweety

 Piano, Pop Singing, Ukulele

Miss Tweety studied professional Music in the University of Southampton (United Kingdom) and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Art in music. She is a member of the chamber choir, pianist of the orchestra and a representative of the music department of the school. She has taught students in different age and grade the right knowledge of piano skills and theories and as well as developing their interest in music. Her patient and passionate personality enable her to work closely with children and inspired them to continuously learning and exploring music. She is dedicated and caring which brings out the best of every students.


Miss HimHim

Piano, Drama, Storytelling

Miss HimHim graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, major in Acting for Film and Television. She is experienced and professional in performing and teaching music. She is teaching music and piano in special needs education.  Miss HimHim has received formal acting training from Mr. Chan Wing Chuen and appeared in several films and short films. 


Miss Avril

Piano, Pop Singing, Ukulele, Theory, Percussion

Miss Avril is a pop pianist / keyboardist in Hong Kong, and a talented composer, arranger, music tutor at the same time, studying Trinity College London Piano ATCL diploma. Miss Avril has been working at Baron School of Music and Junior Music Academy for 5 years, performing Keyboard and Vocal and Backing. The keyboardist of Hong Kong Band – ZOOOOOM.


Teacher Isaac

Pop and Jazz Guitar, Pop and Jazz  Piano, Pop and Jazz Vocal

saac Chan is a producer, songwriter, and educator currently based in Hong Kong. Having just received his Bachelor's degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Isaac has relocated back home to work with artists in Asia. Isaac is also teaching guitar and piano in the styles of Pop, Jazz, and R&B.